Capital Markets

We provide strategically in serving Brazilian and foreign clients in their operations related to the capital market.

Compliance and Anti-Corruption

Consulting and advising with the purpose of creating internal compliance instruments, resolving disputes arising from the application of the Anti-Corruption Law.

Concessions and Bids

High quality and in-depth view of the business, providing services in structuring public interest projects and drafting administrative contracts.


Extensive experience in legal advice for domestic and foreign companies, in the preparation and negotiation of contracts in general.


Legal services on the corporate area include the incorporation of companies with national or foreign ownership and changes in its corporate documents.

Environment and Sustainability

Expert advice on different environmental demands of our clients, identifying and mitigating risks, proposing innovative solutions and collaborating in the social and environmental structuring of their projects.

Family and Inheritance

Expertise in the diagnosis, proposition and implementation of projects of structuring and protection of family heritage, as well as succession planning.


We work in the legal and human resources departments of the companies through advising on labor lawsuits, union relations and other typical management issues.

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

We cover lawsuits of all kinds, in judicial, administrative instances and arbitration proceedings.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Personalized and complete treatment on all fronts of advising Brazilian and foreign clients in the most varied legal aspects of their operations and business in Brazil.

Real Estate

We guarantee legal certainty in the structuring and implementation of the real estate business, anticipating and remedying any administrative and judicial difficulties for its conclusion.

Regulatory and Infrastructure

We offer legal advice on startup projects of companies subject to regulation and monitoring of entities of the Federal, State and Municipal Public Administrations.


We provide quality advisory tax and judicial and administrative litigation services to individuals and companies in all corporate decisions.

Technology and Innovation

We solve the different creative manifestations and constant technological developments in the most diverse areas with multidisciplinary and transversal knowledge.

Third Sector

We develop social investment projects, individually or in partnership with public or private institutions, including advice on the organization of entities.


Legal advice and structuring of agribusiness operations involving rural credit and financing securities.

Banking and Finance

Experience in providing legal assistance to private financial institutions in general and specializing in equity operations, financing of productive activity and management of third-party funds and credit rights funds.

Development and Construction

Negotiation in the preparation of various types of construction contract, covering residential and commercial projects, plants, factories and infrastructure projects.


We offer legal advice to educational institutions in their accreditation processes, with the Ministry of Education.


We have advisory expertise in all legal, regulatory and institutional aspects related to the electricity and natural gas activities.


Solutions that attend negotiation, contract preparation, and tax incentive regulations granted to companies that support and sponsor local entertainment activities.


We operate in various industries, including multinationals in the power and automation technology sectors, among others.

Life Science

Legal advice for the development of business activities involving medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health products.

Military and Defence

We develop and implement projects in the areas of National Defense, having extensive experience in preparing studies and opinions on Administrative Law and Public Procurement.


We provide legal advice to industry regulatory agencies in Brazil for mining groups of all sizes, national or international.


We provide legal and administrative advice in the various areas related to the commercial activity and logistics of wholesale and retail goods.


Multidisciplinary practice with companies in the service segment in general, representing with regulatory bodies and consumer protection entities and in lawsuits.


Advice with the official sports bodies, involving legal related funds in the formation and constitution of said funds and in the activities developed by athletes.

Transportation and Logistics

We provide legal advice to transportation and logistics companies in the development and challenges of the sector.