Gasparini, Nogueira de Lima e Barbosa Advogados advises on environmental licensing procedures and preparation of environmental studies through legal support to administrative procedures, assessments, investigations and civil lawsuits relating to environmental issues, given the environmental agencies and the Public Prosecutor’s Office – known as The Public Ministry.

The Firm prepares legal opinions and gives legal consulting advice on environmental law. Also works with feasibility assessments, restrictions and legal scenarios regarding existing or impending projects. Provides legal counsel in matters including: solid waste in the various sectors of the productive chains; contaminated areas; historical, cultural, natural and artistic heritage; traditional, indigenous and quilombolas (descendents of escaped slaves) communities, etc. The Firm offers legal assistance to its clients in negotiating and concluding terms of Conduct Adjustment Commitments (Termos de Ajustamento de Conduta, TAC), public announcements, public hearings, agreements and related documents. Gasparini, Nogueira de Lima e Barbosa Advogados provides, moreover, legal support in casting up environmental liabilities, carrying out environmental Due Diligence, environmental regularization of urban and rural properties, as well as monitoring and analysis of relevant legislation and case law to environmental law.

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